The following health plan benefit information is provided to employer and union groups to support the implementation of worksite wellness programs.

Quarterly Health & Wellness Benefit Messages:

February 2017: Health Coaching

June 2017: Health Risk Assessment

September 2017: Prevention What You Need to Know

Worksite Wellness Resources and Tools

EUTF’s Workplace Wellness Program Overview

Employer and Union Groups: Guide to Workplace Wellness Benefits

Department of Human Resources Development – Worksite Wellness Policy

Blue Zones Project – Worksite Pledge Criteria and Actions

Health Education Class Catalogs:


Kaiser Permanente

Evaluation Forms:

Health Education Classes

Biometric Screening Program (HMSA)

Care Gap Screening Program (Kaiser Permanente)


Promotional Flyers:

Health Education Classes:

Stress Bucket

Healthy Eating Island Style

Get Your Plate in Shape

Health Screening Programs:

Biometrics and Care Gap Screening