Medicare – Part D – Drug Coverage

Attention: Medicare Eligible Member If you or your dependents have Medicare or will become eligible for Medicare in the next 12 months, a federal law gives you additional choices for prescription drug coverage through Medicare Part D.  The EUTF sponsored prescription drug plan offers benefits that are as good, or better, than the standard Medicare Part D plan coverage.  Read the Notice of Creditable Coverage.  If you enroll in another Medicare Part D plan, you may lose your EUTF Medicare Part D plan and UHC PPO medical plan or Kaiser Senior Advantage plan if applicable, coverage through the EUTF.

The EUTF Prescription Drug Plan provided for Medicare eligible retirees and/or dependents is a MEDICARE  PART D plan.  You can only enroll in one Medicare Part D plan.  If you enroll in a Medicare Part D plan other than the EUTF plan, your EUTF prescription drug plan, and UHC PPO medical or Kaiser Senior Advantage plan if applicable, may be cancelled.

The Medicare Prescription Drug Program (Medicare Part D) was established to provide prescription drug coverage for eligible Medicare individuals.  Your employer is required to inform you whether or not your prescription drug plan is creditable or non-creditable.

Notice of Creditable Coverage

Since you are or may become eligible for Medicare during the next year, the EUTF is required by law to notify you regarding your rights to the Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.  If you are enrolled in an EUTF plan, your prescription drug benefits are as good as or better than the standard Medicare Part D drug benefits.  Although you have the right to join a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, doing so may disrupt your regular medical coverage, and you do not have to do so at this time.  Medicare will not penalize you if you decide to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan in the future, because the prescription drug coverage you now have through the EUTF is creditable coverage.

If you decide to join a Medicare Part D plan, you should compare the different drugs that are available under your current plan with EUTF and the alternative plans.  Not all Medicare Part D plans cover the same drugs, nor provide the coverage at the same cost.

EUTF will enroll all Medicare-eligible participants into the EUTF’s Medicare Part D Prescription Drug benefit plan.  Please contact the EUTF for information on the process involved. What this means to you is, if you are a Medicare-eligible participant, you do not need to leave the EUTF prescription drug plan and enroll in another Medicare Part D plan to obtain prescription drug benefits.

If you are a Kaiser member and are Medicare eligible, you must enroll in Kaiser’s Senior Advantage plan.  You will be required to complete a Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage enrollment form.  All Kaiser Medicare eligible members are enrolled in the Medicare Part D plan through Kaiser Senior Advantage.