Premium Payment Options

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Premium Payment Options You may use one of the payment options below to submit payment for EUTF health benefit premiums if you are one of the following: An active employee for which all or a portion of your health benefit premium deductions are not being deducted from your paycheck. A retiree that pays all or ...
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HMSA PPO 75/25 Medical Plan FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions HMSA PPO 75/25 Medical Plan Q.1 How are health insurance premiums determined? A.1 Health insurance premiums are generally determined by three factors: benefit plan design, medical inflation and utilization. The benefit plan design determines the member’s cost share for services such as physician visits and prescription drugs. Medical inflation relates to the ...
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IRS FORMS 1095-B AND 1095-C

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Questions and Answers – Internal Revenue Service Forms: 1095-B Health Coverage 1095-C Employer-Provided health Insurance Offer and Coverage Background 2015 was the first tax year that employers and health plans were required to provide employees and participants in health plans with information on their health care coverage. Why am I getting this form? You are ...
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The Open Enrollment period for Active Employee Health and Life insurance plans will be from April 3, 2017 through May 12, 2017.  Now is the time when you should stop and think about health coverage for yourself and your family and determine which plans will best meet your needs for the new plan year (July ...
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Student Certification

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Beginning in 2017, all dependent children ages 19-23 will be required to submit a student certification annually upon their birthdate, to remain enrolled in the EUTF plans as follows: Active Employee dependents ages 19-23, must be full-time students, unmarried and living with the subscriber (unless boarding at college or as required under a Qualified Medical ...
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DPO Quarterly Update

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06-30-2016 Memo to DPO CPO: Transfers, Change in Public Employer and Life Insurance Enrollment Last Updated 11/18/2016 11-09-2016 Memo to DPO CPO: Submission of Supporting Documents & Information for Employees Thinking of Retiring Last Updated 11/18/2016

Learn two simple tips to save you money on medications using your EUTF prescription drug coverage:

Click on the request for proposal you would like to view. RFI No. 16-001, Medical and Prescription Drug Plans RFP No. 16-002, Benefit Plan Audit Services RFP No. 16-002, Benefit Plan Audit Services Questionnaire to Offerors Addendum 1 to RFP 16-002, Benefit Plan Audit Services Addendum 2 to RFP 16-002, Benefit Plan Audit Services Addendum ...
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Retiree Open Enrollment Session Schedule

The 2017 Retiree Reference Guide for Open Enrollment is available online in electronic form. A hard copy of the 2017 Retiree Reference Guide will be mailed to all Retirees during the 1st week of October. Retiree Reference Guide