Board / Committee Meeting Minutes

Board Meetings

DateMeeting Minutes
01/14/2019Approved (PDF)
12/18/2018Approved (PDF)
11/27/2018Approved (PDF)
10/30/2018Approved (PDF)
09/25/2018Approved (PDF)
08/28/2018Approved (PDF)
07/24/2018Approved (PDF)
06/26/2018Approved (PDF)
05/30/2018Approved (PDF)
04/24/2018Approved (PDF)
04/05/2018Approved (PDF)
02/27/2018Approved (PDF)
01/08/2018Approved (PDF)

Administrative Committee

DateMeeting Minutes
11/13/2018Approved (PDF)
09/24/2018Approved (PDF)
06/15/2018Approved (PDF)
12/14/2017Approved (PDF)
11/15/2017Approved (PDF)

Benefits Committee

DateMeeting Minutes
09/26/2018Approved (PDF)
05/29/2018Approved (PDF)
10/30/2017Approved (PDF)
08/21/2017Approved (PDF)

Investment Committee

DateMeeting Minutes
11/15/2018Approved (PDF)
08/14/2018Approved (PDF)
07/10/2018Approved (PDF)
07/02/2018Approved (PDF)
05/09/2018Approved (PDF)
03/16/2018Approved (PDF)
02/13/2018Approved (PDF)


Board Meetings
DateInformation DistributedMeeting Minutes
08/28/2018Approved (PDF)
07/24/2018Approved (PDF)
06/26/2018Approved (PDF)
05/30/2018Approved (PDF)
04/24/2018Approved (PDF)
04/05/2018Approved (PDF)
02/27/2018Approved (PDF)
01/08/2018Approved (PDF)
12/19/2017Approved (PDF)
11/28/2017Approved (PDF)
10/31/2017Approved (PDF)
09/26/2017Approved (PDF)
08/22/2017Approved (PDF)
07/25/2017Approved (PDF)
06/27/2017Approved (PDF)
05/23/2017Approved (PDF)
04/25/2017Approved (PDF)
03/28/2017Approved (PDF)
03/03/2017Approved (PDF)
01/17/2017Approved (PDF)
12/20/2016Approved (PDF)
11/23/2016Approved (PDF)
11/07/2016Approved (PDF)
09/27/2016Approved (PDF)
08/23/2016Approved (PDF)
08/12/2016Approved (PDF)
06/30/2016Approved (PDF)
05/31/2016Approved (PDF)
04/26/2016Approved (PDF)
03/22/2016Approved (PDF)
02/23/2016Approved (PDF)
01/19/2016Approved (PDF)
12/09/2015Approved (PDF)
09/21/2015Approved (PDF)
08/25/2015Approved (PDF)
08/07/2015Approved (PDF)
05/26/2015Approved (PDF)
05/12/2015Approved (PDF)
04/28/2015Approved (PDF)
03/24/2015Approved (PDF)
02/24/2015Approved (PDF)
12/29/2014Approved (PDF)
12/12/2014Approved (PDF)
11/18/2014Approved (PDF)
09/23/2014Approved (PDF)
08/26/2014Approved (PDF)
07/15/2014Approved (PDF)
06/24/2014Approved (PDF)
03/25/2014Approved (PDF)
02/25/2014Approved (PDF)
01/28/2014Approved (PDF)
12/10/2013Approved (PDF)
11/05/2013Approved (PDF)
10/01/2013Approved (PDF)
08/27/2013Approved (PDF)
07/23/2013Approved (PDF)
06/25/2013Approved (PDF)
05/28/2013Approved (PDF)
04/02/2013Approved (PDF)
02/26/2013Approved (PDF)
01/29/2013Approved (PDF)
12/11/2012Approved (PDF)
10/23/2012Approved (PDF)
10/10/2012Approved (PDF)
08/28/2012Approved (PDF)
08/02/2012Approved (PDF)
07/10/2012Approved (PDF)
03/29/2012Approved (PDF)
03/13/2012Approved (PDF)
03/01/2012Approved (PDF)
01/10/2012Approved (PDF)
12/13/2011Approved (PDF)
11/08/2011Approved (PDF)
10/18/2011Approved (PDF)
09/13/2011Approved (PDF)
08/31/2011Approved (PDF)
08/09/2011Approved (PDF)
07/19/2011Approved (PDF)
06/15/2011Approved (PDF)
05/18/2011Approved (PDF)
03/30/2011Approved (PDF)
03/17/2011Approved (PDF)
02/23/2011Approved (PDF)
01/26/2011Approved (PDF)
06/16/2010Approved (PDF)
05/19/2010Approved (PDF)
04/27/2010Approved (PDF)
03/31/2010Approved (PDF)
03/18/2010Approved (PDF)
12/09/2009Approved (PDF)
11/23/2009Approved (PDF)
10/28/2009Approved (PDF)
09/30/2009Approved (PDF)
08/26/2009Approved (PDF)
07/15/2009Approved (PDF)
06/17/2009Approved (PDF)
05/20/2009Approved (PDF)
04/28/2009Approved (PDF)
04/01/2009Approved (PDF)
03/30/2009Approved (PDF)
03/18/2009Approved (PDF)
02/25/2009Approved (PDF)
02/10/2009Approved (PDF)
01/28/2009Approved (PDF)
01/07/2009Approved (PDF)
12/08/2008Approved (PDF)
10/29/2008Approved (PDF)
09/25/2008Approved (PDF)
08/25/2008Approved (PDF)
08/20/2008Approved (PDF)
07/11/2008Approved (PDF)
06/25/2008Approved (PDF)
05/14/2008Approved (PDF)
04/02/2008Approved (PDF)
02/27/2008Approved (PDF)
01/30/2008Approved (PDF)
11/29/2007Approved (PDF)
10/24/2007Approved (PDF)
09/26/2007Approved (PDF)
08/29/2007Approved (PDF)
07/25/2007Approved (PDF)
06/28/2007Approved (PDF)
05/17/2007Approved (PDF)
03/28/2007Approved (PDF)
02/28/2007Approved (PDF)
02/05/2007Approved (PDF)
01/24/2007Approved (PDF)
11/29/2006Approved (PDF)
10/25/2006Approved (PDF)
09/27/2006Approved (PDF)
07/27/2006Approved (PDF)
06/15/2006Approved (PDF)
05/10/2006Approved (PDF)
03/22/2006Approved (PDF)
02/22/2006Approved (PDF)
01/25/2006Approved (PDF)
11/30/2005Approved (PDF)
10/25/2005Approved (PDF)
09/28/2005Approved (PDF)
08/24/2005Approved (PDF)
06/22/2005Approved (PDF)
06/01/2005Approved (PDF)
05/17/2005Approved (PDF)
04/19/2005Approved (PDF)
03/22/2005Approved (PDF)
02/23/2005Approved (PDF)
01/19/2005Approved (PDF)
12/15/2004Approved (PDF)
11/17/2004Approved (PDF)
10/20/2004Approved (PDF)
09/15/2004Approved (PDF)
08/25/2004Approved (PDF)
08/09/2004Approved (PDF)
07/21/2004Approved (PDF)
06/24/2004Approved (PDF)
05/19/2004Draft Board Minutes for 2-26-03 (PDF)
Draft Board Minutes for 10-1-03 (PDF)
Draft Board Minutes for 10-22-03 (PDF)
Draft Board Minutes for 11-19-03 (PDF)
Draft Board Minutes for 1-23-04 (PDF)
2004 Legislative Session – Bills Relating to the EUTF (PDF)
Ltr from Mark Fukuhara Re-Request for a Performance Evaluation (PDF)
Garner Bulletin for March 2004 (PDF)
Memo from Russ Saito Re-Approval to Contract for Audit Services dated 4-1-04 (PDF)
Resignation from Trustee Bob Awana dated 4-5-04 (PDF)
Ltr from Governor Lingle Re- Appointment of Stanley Shiraki dated 4-5-04 (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
03/17/2004Approved (PDF)
02/18/2004Approved (PDF)
01/23/2004Approved (PDF)
11/19/2003Approved (PDF)
10/22/2003Approved (PDF)
10/01/2003Approved (PDF)
09/18/2003Approved (PDF)
08/20/2003Approved (PDF)
07/23/2003Information on Imaging 7-23-03 (PDF)
Letters Re-Resignations-Appointments (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
07/09/2003Response Letter to HSRTA dated 6-17-03 (PDF)
Garner Bulletin June 2003 (PDF)
The High Road June 2003 (PDF)
OpenLine June 2003 (PDF)
Letters Re-Resignation-Appointment (PDF)
Letter from Ruth Kim dated 7-1-03 (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
06/16/2003Response Letter to Mr. Perreira 3-6-03 (PDF)
Letter from Russell Okata dated 6-3-03 (PDF)
Letter from Gordon Murakami dated 6-6-03 (PDF)
Memo from Chief of Staff dated 6-2-03 (PDF)
EUTF Clarifications Updated 6-16-03 (PDF)
Garner Bulletin May 2003 (PDF)
Letter from HSRTA dated 6-7-03 (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
05/29/2003EUTF Transition dated 5-29-03 (PDF)
Forms-5 (PDF)
Email from Debra Kaplan dated 5-22-03 (PDF)
Letter from HGEA dated 5-23-03 (PDF)
Letter from George Yamamoto dated 4-7-03 (PDF)
EUTF Clarifications 5-29-03 (PDF)
PPO Plan for Actives Approved 3-18-03 (PDF)
PPO Plan for Retirees dated 5-29-03 (PDF)
Garner Bulletin March 2003 (PDF)
Garner Bulletin April 2003 (PDF)
HCR No151 HD1 SD1 (PDF)
APPROVED Minutes 10-08-02 (PDF)
APPROVED Minutes for 10-17-02 (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
04/22/2003Draft Final Minutes 10-8-02 (PDF)
Draft Final Minutes for 10-17-02 (PDF)
Letter from Mel Higa dated 10-15-02 (PDF)
Letter from Mel Higa dated 10-18-02 (PDF)
1st Letter from Mel Higa dated 10-23-02 (PDF)
2nd Letter from Mel Higa dated 10-23-02 (PDF)
Letter from Mel Higa dated 10-25-02 (PDF)
Memo from Charles Khim dated 10-25-02 (PDF)
Letter from Charles Khim dated 2-4-03 (PDF)
Letter from Charles Khim dated 2-10-03 (PDF)
Approval from Mayor Kim dated 4-7-03 (PDF)
Letter from DOE dated 3-31-03 (PDF)
Letter from Gordon Murakami dated 4-11-03 (PDF)
Letter from HSTA VEBA dated 4-14-03 (PDF)
Response to HSTA VEBA dated 4-16-03 (PDF)
Benefit Plans for Active 4-21-03 (PDF)
Benefit Plans for Retirees 4-21-03 (PDF)
Reference Guide for Actives (PDF)
Reference Guide for Retirees (PDF)
2003 OE Schedule for Actives dated 4-21-03 (PDF)
2003 OE Schedule for Retirees dated 4-21-03 (PDF)
2003 OE Schedule for DOE dated 4-21-03 (PDF)
Letter from Direct Care dated 4-10-03 (PDF)
Response to Direct Care dated 4-21-03 (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
04/07/2003Admin Final Rules Filed 3-12-03 (PDF)
Letter dated 3-31-03 Re-Porting of Funds (PDF)
Governor Approval for OE Work Time 3-19-03 (PDF)
Letter to DOE 3-20-03 (PDF)
2003 Open Enrollment Printing Timetable (PDF)
Attorney General Response to UHPA dated 4-3-03 (PDF)
Open Enrollment Schedule for Actives 4-05-03 (PDF)
Open Enrollment Schedule for Retirees 4-05-03 (PDF)
DPO Training Schedule 4-05-03 (PDF)
DOE SASA Training-OE Schedule 4-05-03 (PDF)
AIG Letter dated 3-25-03 (PDF)
Approved Benefit Plans for Actives Updated 4-01-03 (PDF)
Approved Benefit Plans for Retirees Updated 04-01-03 (PDF)
Garner Bulletin March 2003 (PDF)
APPROVED Minutes 09-05-02 (PDF)
APPROVED Minutes 09-10-02 (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
03/18/2003Draft Final Board Minutes 09-05-02 (PDF)
Draft Final Board Minutes 09-10-02 (PDF)
Projected Open Enroll Sessions 3-18-03 (PDF)
Segal Report for Health Fund dated 2-28-03 (PDF)
SB789 Testimony 3-18-03 (PDF)
Health Benefits Sweetened With No Cost to Retiree 03-14-03 (PDF)
Star Bulletin Article 3-18-03 (PDF)
Benefit Plan Recommendations 3-18-03 (PDF)
Active Rates 3-19-03 (PDF)
Retiree Rates 3-19-03 (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
03/10/2003Approved (PDF)
02/26/2003EUTF FY03 Expenditures dated 2-19-03 (PDF)
EUTF Staffing Plan Effective 7-01-03 dated 2-26-03 (PDF)
EUTF Staffing Proposal Effective 7-01-03 dated 2-26-03 (PDF)
Open Enrollment 2003 Action Plan dated 2-26-03 (PDF)
Action Plan for Open Enrollment 2003 dated 2-26-03 (PDF)
Action Plan for Open Enrollment 2003 dated 2-26-03 (PDF)
EUTF Admin Cost Allocation Alternatives dated 2-26-03 (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
02/19/2003Administrative Rules: Proposed final Draft w/Additional Revisions, version 10/03/02 (PDF)
Definitions of Domestic Partners – 2/19/03 (PDF)
Letter to Trustees dated Oct. 17, 2002 from Tom Ramsey, UHPA Treasurer (PDF)
Letter to Trustees dated Oct. 16, 2002 from Eldon L. Wegner (PDF)
Letter to Rules Committee Chairperson dated Oct. 17, 2002 from Patricia Hamamoto, DOE Superintendent (PDF)
Letter to Mr. Sam Callejo, Chief of Staff, Office of the Governor, dated Nov. 1, 2002 from Benjamin Saguibo, Business Manager, Laborers’ Union, Local 368. AFL-CIO (PDF)
Letter to Mr. Saguibo dated Nov. 15, 2002 from Sam Callejo, Chief of Staff, Office of the Governor (PDF)
Letter to Governor Lingle, dated Dec. 23, 2002 from Solomon Wong (PDF)
Letter to Mr. Wong, dated Jan. 6, 2003 from Governor Lingle (PDF)
Letter to RFP Vendors dated Nov. 22, 2002, from EUTF Administrator Mark Fukuhara, Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund RFP No. 03-001 (PDF)
Letter to RFP Vendors dated January 9, 2003, from EUTF Administrator Mark Fukuhara, “Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund RFP No. 03-001 (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
02/11/2003Rules Committee Chairperson Davis Yogi’s letter dated June 19, 2002 to Gov. Cayetano with enclosed ‘Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund Proposed Rules: Comparison with Current Health Fund Administrative Rules’ (6/14/02) (PDF)
“Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund FY03 Expenditures” (TIF)
Memo dated Aug. 19, 2002 to Program & Budgeting Analysis Manager, Department of Budget and Finance, ARO, from Ivan Nishiki, Leasing Program Manger, DAGS, “State Office Leases for the Department of Budget and Finance” (TIF)
“EUTF Office Space” dated 2/5/03 (fact sheet (TIF) and floor plan diagram (TIF))Letter dated Jan. 30, 2003 to Gregory Sato, Chairperson, Hawaii Public Employees Health Fund, from Deputy Attorney General John P. Dellera, “Recovery of Excess Porting” (Privilege waived by board action on Feb. 6, 2003) (PDF)
Garner bulletin of Nov 02 (TIF)
Garner bulletin of Dec 02 (TIF)
Garner bulletin of Jan 03 (TIF)
“Demographic Data Family Size Comparisons” (State Auditor’s Information (6/30/1998) compared to HFIMS (4/30/2002)) (PDF)
Letter dated Feb. 11, 2003 to Insurance Commissioner, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs from EUTF Vice Chairperson Audry Hidano, “Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund and Article I of Chapter 432, HRS” (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
02/05/20032003 HEUHBTF Bill Status (PDF)
Memo dated Jan. 31, 2003 to Mark Fukuhara, Administrator, from Donna Tonaki et. al. “Recommendations for Professional Services for HFIMS Configuration Changes” (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
01/27/2003Potential Amendments to Chapter 87A (TIF)
PeopleSoft Integration Partner for Computer System Configuration Changes: Scope of Work (PDF)
EUTF Nine-Month Work Plan (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
10/17/2002Approved (PDF)
10/08/2002Approved (PDF)
09/10/2002Approved (PDF)
09/05/2002Approved (PDF)
08/26/2002Approved (PDF)
08/20/2002Approved (PDF)
08/06/2002Approved (PDF)
07/23/2002Cover Letter (PDF)
Request for Information – TPA (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
07/09/2002Approved (PDF)
06/25/2002Approved (PDF)
06/14/2002Approved (PDF)
05/28/2002Approved (PDF)
05/14/2002Approved (PDF)
04/30/2002Draft Scope HFIMS Review & Evaluation (PDF)
Draft Timeline for HFIMS Review & Evaluation (PDF)
Letter to PEHF Chair (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
04/16/2002Expenditure Report Through March 2002 (PDF)Approved (PDF)
04/09/2002Administrator Recruitment Schedule (PDF)
Draft – Trust Fund Authorized Signators (PDF)
Draft – Trust Fund Letter to DAGS (Signators) (PDF)
Report on Senate Draft of Budget (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
03/19/2002Draft Internet Recruitment Ad (PDF)
EUTF CEO – Position Description (PDF)
Recruitment Cost Information (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
03/12/2002Draft Language Chapter 87A, HRS Amendments (PDF)
IFEB Application Forms (PDF)
Interim Budget – Governor’s Message Item (PDF)
Letter to PEHF Chair – List of Transition Items (PDF)
EUTF Operating Procedures (PDF)
EUTF Recruitment Process (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
03/05/2002Summary of Recommendations – Interim Budget (PDF)
Letter from the PEHF Administrator (PDF)
EUTF Procurement Process – Ramsayer Format (DOC)
EUTF Procurement Process – Clean Document (DOC)
Approved (PDF)
02/28/2002Aon Presentation (PDF)
Marsh Presentation (PDF)
Approved (DOC)
02/26/2002Responses to agencies that provided comments (PDF)
Briefing on HFIMS (PDF)
PEHF budget as it relates to the HEUHBTF (PDF)
Request from Senator Jonathan Chun and response (PDF)
Approved (DOC)
02/19/2002Operating Procedure Consultation (letters received) (PDF)
HEUHBTF proposed additional position salaries (PDF)
Approved (DOC)
02/12/2002Approved (DOC)
02/05/2002Letter dated January 24, 2002 from the State Attorney General designating Deputy Attorney General Aburano (PDF)
Interim HEUHBTF Budget (PDF)
HEUHBTF Proposed Budget Subject to Revision (PDF)
State Class Specifications for the Class Health Fund Administrator (PDF)
Position Description – Executive Secretary (current Public Employees Health Fund) (PDF)
Draft Position Description for HEUHBTF Administrator (12/4/01) (PDF)
Draft Position Description for HEUHBTF Secretary (11/15/01) (PDF)
Captive versus TPA – Power Point Presentation (PDF)
Draft Procurement Process (12/10/02) (PDF)
Approved (DOC)
01/31/2002Committee Assignment ChartApproved (PDF)
01/29/2002Board Operating Procedures (Ramsayer and Clean Copy)
Responsibilities of Board Officers
Letter dated Jan 6, 2002 to the Hawaii Public Employees Trust Fund from the Department of the Attorney General
Letter dated Jan 29, 2002 to the Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund from the Department of the Attorney General
Approved (PDF)
01/24/2002Operating Procedures
Operating Budget Handout
Agenda Item Submitted by Trustee Williams – Comments
Insurance Briefing – State Risk Management Officer
Approved (PDF)
01/10/2002Critical Initial Board Decisions
Voting & Dispute Resolution – Proposed Procedures
Trustee Duties & Rules of Conduct
Rotation of Board Leadership
Third Party Administration
Approved (PDF)
01/09/2002State Ethics Commission Handout
Oct 2001 Memorandum – Sunshine Law Procedures
Basics on Liability – State Boards & Commission Members
Briefing Document
Task list & timetable by committee
Proposed Interim Operating Procedures.
Approved (PDF)

Administrative Committee
DateInformation DistributedMeeting Minutes
06/15/2018Approved (PDF)
12/14/2017Approved (PDF)
11/15/2017Approved (PDF)
05/17/2017Approved (PDF)
12/15/2016Approved (PDF)
11/02/2016Approved (PDF)
04/19/2016Approved (PDF)
03/14/2016Approved (PDF)
11/05/2014Approved (PDF)
10/22/2014Approved (PDF)
09/17/2014Approved (PDF)
08/22/2014Approved (PDF)
02/19/2014Approved (PDF)
01/10/2014Approved (PDF)
10/16/2013Approved (PDF)
07/22/2013Approved (PDF)
06/25/2013Approved (PDF)
05/31/2013Approved (PDF)
03/25/2013Approved (PDF)
11/29/2005Approved (PDF)
08/24/2005Approved (PDF)
05/17/2005Approved (PDF)
03/22/2005Approved (PDF)
02/22/2005Approved (PDF)
01/18/2005Approved (PDF)
08/24/2004Approved (PDF)
02/17/2004Approved (PDF)
01/22/2004Approved (PDF)
11/18/2003Approved (PDF)
10/01/2003Approved (PDF)
09/18/2003Approved (PDF)
09/03/2003Approved (PDF)
06/16/200310/09/2002 – Draft Administrative Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF)

10/09/2002 – Draft Administrative Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF)

10/18/2002 – Draft Administrative Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF)

02/03/2003 – Draft Administrative Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF)

02/20/2003 – Draft Administrative Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF)

03/04/2003 – Draft Administrative Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Memo from Chief of Staff, 06/02/2003 (PDF)

The Hawaii Public Employees Health Fund (PEHF) Audit Schedule, 06/13/2003 (PDF)

PEHFAnalysis, 06/13/2003 (PDF)

Letter from Hawaii State Retired Teachers Association (HSRTA), 06/07/2003 (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
05/29/200309/13/2002 – Draft Administrative Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF)

09/16/2002 – Draft Administrative Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF)

09/17/2002 – Draft Administrative Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF)

09/18/2002 – Draft Administrative Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF)

05/29/2003 – EUTF Admin Committee Transition(PDF)
Approved (PDF)
03/04/2003Approved (PDF)
02/20/2003Approved (PDF)
02/03/2003Approved (PDF)
10/18/2002Approved (PDF)
10/09/2002Approved (PDF)
09/18/2002Approved (PDF)
09/17/2002Approved (PDF)
09/16/2002Approved (PDF)
09/13/2002Approved (PDF)
08/22/2002Approved (PDF)
08/08/2002Approved (PDF)
07/17/2002Approved (PDF)
06/04/2002Approved (PDF)
05/31/2002Approved (PDF)
05/17/2002Approved (PDF)
04/25/2002Draft Scope – HFIMS Review (PDF)

Draft Timeline HFIMS Review (PDF)

Draft Letter to PEHF Chair (PDF)

Draft Scope – Executive Search Firms (PDF)

List of Potential Executive Search Firms (PDF)

Draft Scope – HFIMS Review (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
04/18/2002No handout MaterialsApproved (PDF)

Benefits Committee
DateInformation DistributedMeeting Minutes
05/29/2018Approved (PDF)
10/30/2017Approved (PDF)
08/21/2017Approved (PDF)
06/26/2017Approved (PDF)
04/24/2017Approved (PDF)
11/03/2016Approved (PDF)
09/26/2016Approved (PDF)
06/27/2016Approved (PDF)
11/16/2015Approved (PDF)
09/21/2015Approved (PDF)
11/21/2014Approved (PDF)
07/14/2014Approved (PDF)
06/02/2014Approved (PDF)
03/24/2014Approved (PDF)
12/09/2013Approved (PDF)
10/16/2013Approved (PDF)
08/28/2013Approved (PDF)
08/12/2013Approved (PDF)
07/19/2013Approved (PDF)
06/18/2013Approved (PDF)
04/10/2013Approved (PDF)
11/27/2006Approved (PDF)
07/27/2006Approved (PDF)
02/22/2006Approved (PDF)
08/24/2005Approved (PDF)
05/17/2005Approved (PDF)
03/22/2005Approved (PDF)
01/18/2005Approved (PDF)
11/16/2004Approved (PDF)
02/17/2004Approved (PDF)
01/22/2004Approved (PDF)
09/18/2003Approved (PDF)
08/20/2003Approved (PDF)
07/17/200307/24/2002 – Final Draft Minutes of the Benefits Committee Meeting (PDF)

07/31/2002 – Final Draft Minutes of the Benefits Committee Meeting (PDF)

08/06/2002 – Final Draft Minutes of the Benefits Committee Meeting (PDF)

08/12/2002 – Final Draft Minutes of the Benefits Committee Meeting (PDF)

08/20/2002 – Final Draft Minutes of the Benefits Committee Meeting (PDF)

07/17/2002 – Approved Minutes of the Benefits Committee Meeting (PDF)
Approved (PDF)
08/20/2002Approved (PDF)
08/12/2002Approved (PDF)
08/06/2002Approved (PDF)
07/31/2002Approved (PDF)
07/24/2002Approved (PDF)
07/23/2002Approved (PDF)
07/17/2002Approved (PDF)
07/09/2002Approved (PDF)
05/14/2002Approved (PDF)
04/30/2002Presentation- Demographics (PDF)Approved (PDF)
04/16/2002Presentation – Planning & how to proceed on possible benefit designs (PDF)Approved (PDF)
04/02/2002No handout materialsApproved (PDF)
03/19/2002Hawaii Medical Service Assoc. (PDF)

Kaiser Permanente (PDF)

Hawaii Dental Service (PDF)

Vision Service Plan (PDF)

Royal State National Insurance – Life Insurance Information (PDF)

Hartford Life Insurance Company – Long Term Care Information (PDF)
Approved (PDF)

Investment Committee
DateInformation DistributedMeeting Minutes
07/10/2018Approved (PDF)
07/02/2018Approved (PDF)
05/09/2018Approved (PDF)
03/16/2018Approved (PDF)
02/13/2018Approved (PDF)
11/21/2017Approved (PDF)
08/30/2017Approved (PDF)
06/26/2017Approved (PDF)
05/18/2017Approved (PDF)
03/14/2017Approved (PDF)
12/13/2016Approved (PDF)
11/15/2016Approved (PDF)
10/04/2016Approved (PDF)
08/16/2016Approved (PDF)
07/12/2016Approved (PDF)
06/14/2016Approved (PDF)
05/11/2016Approved (PDF)
02/09/2016Approved (PDF)
11/13/2015Approved (PDF)
08/11/2015Approved (PDF)
05/13/2015Approved (PDF)
02/10/2015Approved (PDF)
01/20/2015Approved (PDF)
11/13/2014Approved (PDF)
09/19/2014Approved (PDF)
08/19/2014Approved (PDF)
07/28/2014Approved (PDF)
05/14/2014Approved (PDF)
02/11/2014Approved (PDF)
11/12/2013Approved (PDF)
08/13/2013Approved (PDF)
05/17/2013Approved (PDF)