Civil Union Partner

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Employee wishes to enroll new civil union partner in EUTF plans

WHEN EC-1/EC-1H MUST BE SUBMITTED TO EMPLOYER (Personnel Office): Within 45 days of civil union

DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED TO BE ATTACHED TO EC-1/EC-1H: Civil Union certification (on-line proof accepted), Affidavit of Dependency and Social Security Number submitted within 45 days from the civil union date.

If adding Dependents:

  • Birth certificate and Social Security Number
  • If enrolling a dependent age 19 through 23 in Dental and/or Vision coverage, student certification from an accredited school/college on school letterhead with registrar’s signature confirming full-time status or an enrollment certificate from the National Student Clearinghouse. Transcripts not accepted.

EFFECTIVE DATE: Employee can choose: The Event Date, first day of the pay period following the Event Date or first day of the 2nd pay period following the Event Date.

CHANGES ALLOWED TO PLANS?: No plan changes allowed if already enrolled. May enroll in plans if not already enrolled or may add dependents to current plans if already enrolled.