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Advance​ Care PlanningAdvance​ Care PlanningAdvance​ Care PlanningLearn the importance of Advance Care Planning, which is a covered benefit that helps members prepare for current and future decisions about their medical treatment and place of care ​12/06/2017
Cobra OverviewCOBRA Overview Adobe ConnectA five minute overview on the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act or COBRA.05/04/2017
Health CoachingHealth CoachingAdobe ConnectLearn about a no-cost, confidential program that provides over the phone counseling services to help set and achieve your health goals.05/04/2017
Jake and the Emergency RoomJake and the Emergency RoomAdobe ConnectLearn about how a State employee named Jake made an educated decision that helped save himself, his coworkers and his health plan money.05/04/2017
IntroToEUTF_thumbnailIntroduction to the EUTF Adobe ConnectA brief overview of the Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund (EUTF) and the services we provide.12/09/2016
IntroToBenefits_thumbnailTips to Save Money on Prescription Drugs Adobe ConnectLearn two simple tips to save you money on medications using your EUTF prescription drug coverage.11/10/2016

Active Employees

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2018ActiveOE_thumbnail2018 Active Open Enrollment Session Adobe ConnectThis presentation covers the EUTF 2018 open enrollment period for all State and County active employees. The information presented includes important dates, filing deadlines, health plan options, health plan changes and a section designed to help employees with selecting a health plan. Presentations for each of our carriers and their benefits and changes are also included.04/25/18
Understanding Your Health BenefitsCOBRA Enrollment For Active EmployeesAdobe ConnectThis short five minute presentation covers COBRA enrollment for active employees and their dependents who experience a loss of coverage. EUTF COBRA procedures are outlined including completing the COBRA Election Notice, payment information and submission deadlines.03/03/17
Understanding Your Health BenefitsUnderstanding Your Benefits Adobe ConnectThis presentation covers important information about the EUTF, health plan options available to EUTF members and how our health plans work. This training also covers information on how to select a health plan, how health plan premiums are determined and offers tips on how to get the most out of your EUTF health plans in order to maximize your benefits. 12/06/16
IntroToBenefits_thumbnailAn Introduction to Your Health Benefits Adobe ConnectAn introduction to EUTF health plans and benefits available to active state and county employees. This presentation covers basic enrollment procedures, eligibility criteria, a brief summary of our health plan coverages, and other benefits.01/19/18


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Pre-Retirement Information SessionAdobe ConnectThis webinar presentation will highlight important information about EUTF health and life insurance benefits for all State and County active employees thinking about retirement.02/28/2018

MedicareAdobe ConnectMandatory requirement to enroll in Medicare Part B for members enrolled in the EUTF retiree medical and/or prescription drug plan.09/26/2017


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Retiree OE PresentationRetiree Open EnrollmentAdobe ConnectOpen Enrollment presentation for EUTF retirees. Overview of health plans and how to make changes to your plan enrollment.10/20/2017
HSTA Retirement Informational SessionHSTA Retirement Informational SessionAdobe ConnectThis is the PowerPoint slide deck for the HSTA-R presentation given on August 28, 2017. Information includes EUTF retiree plan eligibility, information on Medicare, EUTF health plan options and how to make changes to plans when retirees have a qualifying event.08/30/2017
Cobra Overview for RetireesCobra Enrollment For Retirees Adobe ConnectThis short five minute presentation explains COBRA enrollment as it pertains to EUTF retirees. It covers why COBRA packets are sent to newly retired employees formerly under EUTF active plans and retiree dependents who experience a loss of coverage. EUTF COBRA procedures are outlined including the completion of the COBRA Election Notice, payment information and submission deadlines.

PreRetiree_thumbnailMedicareAdobe ConnectMandatory requirement to enroll in Medicare Part B for members enrolled in the EUTF retiree medical and/or prescription drug plan.12/15/2016

Human Resource Officers

Presentation Slides
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Charter School TrainingCharter School TrainingEnrollment information specifically for Charter School human resource officers and enrollment designees.06/19/2018
2018 EUTF Draft Admin Rule Changes2018 EUTF Draft Administrative Rule Change ProposalThis presentation provides Human Resource/Personnel Officers an opportunity to review the proposed EUTF Administrative Rule Amendments which will impact enrollment processing.05/23/2018
2018 HRO Open Enrollment Information Session2018 HRO Open Enrollment Information SessionAdobe ConnectThis presentation provides HRO's information on 2018-2019 Open Enrollment for State and County active employees. Information includes; enrollment deadlines, plan changes, things to consider when selecting a health plan and administrative reminders concerning Authorized Leave Without Pay, Divorces, Address Changes and Student Certification Letters.03/19/2018


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