Medicare Part B Premium Reimbursement

Attention Medicare Retirees:
Medicare Part B Premium Reimbursements for 2023
IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT send documentation to the EUTF if you were reimbursed the standard Medicare Part B premium amount for 2022 ($170.10) and will be paying the standard Medicare Part B premium amount for 2023 ($164.90) as EUTF will automatically move your 2023 reimbursement to $164.90.

If your 2023 Medicare Part B premium is more than the Standard amount ($164.90/month), you must provide EUTF with a copy of the letter you and/or your spouse/partner received from the Social Security Administration (SSA) or Medicare showing your higher premium due to income-related monthly adjustment amounts. EUTF will reimburse the amount stated on the letter (less any penalties). If EUTF does not receive the SSA or Medicare letter from you, your reimbursement will be the standard $164.90 per month for 2023.