Divorce - Active(Watch video on Divorce)

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Employee must terminate coverage for former spouse and step-children or civil union partner.

WHEN EC-1/EC-1H MUST BE SUBMITTED TO EMPLOYER (Personnel Office): Within 45 days of divorce, however, it will be accepted and processed regardless of when form is received.

DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED TO BE ATTACHED TO EC-1/EC-1H: Submit pages 1 and 2 of divorce decree along with the signature page within 45 days from the date of the divorce.

EFFECTIVE DATE: If submitted within 60 days of the divorce, coverage ends the first day of the 1st pay period following the divorce. If submitted more than 60 days following the divorce, coverage ends prospectively the first day of the 1st pay period following EUTF’s receipt of the EC-1/EC-1H form.