My child is no longer eligible (i.e., graduated from college, is no longer a full-time student, etc.), but is under age 24. Do I need to notify the EUTF?

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You must notify the EUTF and terminate your child’s dental and vision coverage within 45 days from when they become ineligible.  This does not apply to medical and prescription drug coverage, which they may remain enrolled in to age 26.

Complete an EC-1 enrollment form (or EC-1H for HSTA VB members) and submit it to your departmental human resources office or enrollment designee within 45 days to remove your dependent from your EUTF plans.  For DOE employees, you must submit your form to:

PO Box 2360
Honolulu, HI 96804

Your child will be terminated the first day of the first pay period following their loss of eligibility.