My child is/will be attending college. What do I need to submit to the EUTF to confirm they are a full-time student?

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Acceptable forms of student certification include:

  • Signed letter from the school’s registrar written on the school’s letterhead indicating full-time student status
  • Student enrollment verification form from National Student Clearinghouse

Copies of a class schedule, payment or tuition, or similar documents will not be accepted.

The EUTF will mail a courtesy reminder letter two months prior to your dependent’s birthday.  Student certification must be submitted to the EUTF within 15 days of the dependent’s birthday in order to avoid termination of their dental and/or vision plans.  If EUTF does not receive student certification prior to the end date listed on the courtesy reminder, a COBRA Election Notice will generate and coverage will stop at the end of that pay period.  In order to maintain enrollment, student certification must be renewed annually.

EUTF Administrative Rules 1.02 and 5.05(b) specify that dependent-beneficiaries ages 19 through 23 who are full-time students may enroll in dental and/or vision plans.  Children may be enrolled in medical and prescription drug plans until age 26 regardless of whether they are a full-time student or not.