EUTF Retiree – Plan Benefits

The following section provides condensed summaries of the health plans and life insurance coverage available for retirees. Remember that certain limitations and exclusions apply to all insurance plans. More complete information on the plans can be obtained directly from the health & life insurance providers. If there should be any discrepancy between the information provided in the reference guide (PDF) and that contained in the health care providers’ Guide to Benefits, the language in the health care providers’ Guide to Benefits will take precedence.

Medicare has a significant impact on EUTF medical and prescription drug plans; therefore, plan benefit information is broken out as follows:

Please refer to the appropriate section that applies to your Medicare enrollment status. For additional information on Medicare and EUTF plans, please refer to the sections for Medicare eligible participants:

Dental, Vision and Life Insurance plans are the same for Medicare or non-Medicare retirees.