No, you do not need to be enrolled in Active plans for any amount of time or be enrolled in the EUTF Active plan at all to qualify for EUTF retiree benefits.

You may change plans if you are enrolled in the EUTF Retiree Kaiser plan and move out of the service area. You have 30 days to notify EUTF and may switch to the HMSA 90/10 plan.  Complete an EC-2 or EC-2H (for HSTA VB members) form and submit it to the EUTF within 30 days ...
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No, EUTF is not authorized under Hawaii Revised Statutes 87A to reimburse Medicare Part D premiums.

Yes.  The EUTF will need a copy of your Medicare card, Direct Deposit Agreement Form for Medicare Part B Premium Reimbursement, and Social Security Administration letter indicating your Medicare Part B premium or IRMAA.  EUTF will automatically reset your Medicare Part B premium reimbursement to the Medicare standard amount every January 1st. If you are ...
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The Retiree Health Benefits Highlights Guide is published annually and mailed to retirees in the Fall.  The Reference Guide contains information on EUTF policies and procedures, enrollment and eligibility, employer contribution, health plan options, the EC-2 enrollment form, and Common Qualifying Events chart.

How do I change my address?

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Retirees may complete and submit a Retiree Address Change Form.  Once the Retiree Address Change Form is received, the EUTF will notify the health carriers of your new address. Be advised that all address changes must go through the EUTF, as health plan carriers are not able to make changes.

If you are currently paying your healthcare premiums via check to the EUTF, you now have four other payment options: Premiums automatically deducted each month from your Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) pension. Monthly reoccurring electronic transfers from your bank account initiated and adjusted by the EUTF. Credit card for a fee of $2.50 plus 2.25% ...
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The Hawaii Revised Statutes 87A-23(4) requires that State and County retirees and their eligible dependents who are enrolled in EUTF retiree medical and/or prescription drug benefit plans, must be enrolled in Medicare Part B when they become eligible.  Please provide proof of Medicare Part B enrollment to the EUTF within 60 days of becoming eligible.  ...
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For retirees who were enrolled in EUTF Active plans at the time of their retirement, once the EUTF receives an EC-1 form from your employer to terminate your active coverage, you will receive a COBRA Continuation of Coverage Election Notice from the EUTF.  COBRA allows you to continue some or all of your Active EUTF ...
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