Hawaii Dental Service (HDS)

A healthy smile is a key ingredient in maintaining good overall health. From brushing and flossing, to regularly visiting your dentist and more, taking care of your smile can limit your risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, respiratory illnesses and other ailments. Hawaii Dental Service (HDS) is committed to helping you on your journey to good oral health through routine dental check-ups, educational opportunities and access to the latest oral health information and guidance.
HDS believes everyone deserves a healthy smile, so we’re happy to share these resources to make oral health approachable, convenient and engaging. Live Well, Smile More.

6 Elements of a Balanced Meal (PDF)
Athletic Mouth Guards for Children (PDF)
HDS Online Account (PDF)
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Healthy Smiles All Year Long (PDF)
Healthy Smiles For All Wahines (PDF)
How Much Sugar Is In Your Drink? (PDF)
Share Aloha, Not Germs (PDF)
Take Your Child to the Dentist by One (PDF)