Employer Worksite Wellness

The following health plan benefit information is provided to employer and union groups to support the implementation of worksite wellness programs.

Monthly Wellness Announcements
January 2024 (PDF)
February 2024 (PDF)
March 2024 (PDF)
April 2024 (PDF)
May 2024 (PDF)
June 2024 (PDF)
Worksite Wellness Resources
2023 Statewide Worksite Wellness Program (PDF)
State of Hawaii Worksite Wellness Policy 801.001 (PDF)
2017 Senate Concurrent Resolution 116 Related to Worksite Wellness (PDF)

Wellness Events
How to Request a Wellness Fair at Your Worksite (PDF)
Wellness Event Planning Form (PDF)
Participant Feedback Survey (PDF)
Health Education Workshops
Group Watch Form (PDF)
HMSA Workshops (PDF)
Kaiser Permanente Workshops (PDF)
Meet Our Workshop Speakers
Pete Clines, Health & Well-Being Educator
Heather Charles, Health Educator and Wellness Coach
Alison Welch, Clinical Health Education Specialist
Erin MacNeill, Financial Well-Being
Hope Young, Advance Care Planning Coordinator

Screening Programs
HMSA Biometric Screening Program (PDF)
Kaiser Permanente Biometric Screening Program (PDF)
Participant Feedback Survey (Biometric Screenings) (PDF)
Kaiser Permanente Care Gap Screening Program (PDF)
Participant Feedback Survey (Kaiser Care Gap Screenings) (PDF)
Seasonal Flu
Contacts to Schedule a Flu Shot Clinic at Your Worksite (PDF)

This survey is brought to us by the Blue Zones Project.
Employees complete the survey to help employers better promote relevant wellness programs at their worksite.