Wellness Challenges and Webinars

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Wellness Challenges and Webinars
Brought to you by EUTF, our health plans, and community partners.
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Take time for your well-being!
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2023 Challenges
Participate in EUTF webinars and challenges. Be eligible for prizes throughout the year plus a sweepstakes entry, $500 gift cards, for participating in 12 or more in 2023!
Challenge 1: February
10K a Day
Challenge 2: May
A 4-week self-care challenge that focuses on simple ways to improve your emotional well-being. Registration ends May 3.
Challenge 3: August
Challenge 4: November
Healthy Holidays

Live & Recorded Webinars
Take time for your well-being!
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Recorded Webinars will be available for on-demand viewing for 30 days post live online event.

Building Resiliency
When life doesn’t go as planned find inner strength to bounce back. Explore ways to learn from past experience and build new skills to be more resilient.
Recorded webinar from May 18 session.
Find Your Joy
Explore how positive psychology and practical strategies can nurture happiness while learning how to foster well-being.
Recorded webinar from May 23 session.
A workshop to better understand your bones and how to keep them strong and fracture-free!
How to keep your spine healthy. Identify areas of neglect and what can be done to prevent pain and injury.
Do you have a daily maintenance plan for your mouth? Dr. Camden Tokunaga shares tips on creating a routine and the value of sticking to it.
Be surprised to learn how simple it is to get cardio, strength training, and stretching into your weekly routine.
You have 600 skeletal muscles in your body learn how to use them or lose them.
Changing an unhealthy habit to a healthy one can be challenging. Explore ways to strengthen your motivation to create habits that stick.
One out of three people have prediabetes and some may not know it. You will create a realistic action plan to take positive steps towards taking control of your health.
Family Health
Common health concerns and strategies to keep every member of the family healthy!
Preventive Care
Ever heard the expression “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and wonder if it’s true? It is! We’ll discuss how certain behaviors keep us healthy.
Advance Care Planning
Learn why it’s important for every adult to have an advance care directive. Receive resources and tools including “Start the Conversation” resource guide.
Start or refresh your financial journey. Review the basics of how to set goals, better manage debt and save more.
Building Fitness Into Your Day
Explore practical ways to integrate movement into the day. Discover the benefits of short, simple forms of exercise and practice a fitness routine.
Viva Veggies
Transition to a healthier life. Discover the elements and benefits of a plant strong diet with recipes and cooking tips.
Stress Bucket
“Each of us has a limited amount of stress we can hold before overflow occurs. Join us to learn simple and enjoyable ways to lower the volume of stress in your bucket.”
Rest Easy
Do you struggle to fall and stay asleep? Find out how much sleep you need, why you need it, and how to get more (and better) sleep.